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Untold was created to help the companies we love make the amazing apps and websites they deserve. Experienced professionals, we believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence. For us, this means: Exceptional products. We never settle for good enough and we never ship until a product meets our standards. We take immense pride in our work.

Engineering with purpose. Every member of the Untold team, no matter their role, has client goals foremost in mind. We are all advocates for project success and exceptional technology. Stepping boldly into the unknown. Uncharted waters and difficult problems are all fair game. Because we intend to build exceptional, inspirational products, we welcome and encourage brand-new and potentially risky  ideas.

Services Provided by Untold Studio:

Untold is an enterprise software consultancy and development studio that focuses on today’s key technologies. Proficiency is focused on a select few mobile and web platforms:

iOS for iPhone + Apple iPad + Apple watchOS + Apple tvOS + Apple CarPlay / Kotlin for Android Phones + Android Things + Android WearOS + Android TV + Android Auto / Backend web for CMS (Drupal + Django + Flask) and web application frameworks (PHP/Symfony/Laravel + Python + Ruby/Rails + Node.js) Frontend web primarily in javascript (React.js + Vue.js + Ember.js)

Alongside the expertise in these languages and frameworks, API and SDK builds are an integral part of our skill set. Building and supporting applications across today’s technological landscape positions us uniquely to help clients that are in need of full-scale consulting and execution.

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