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We are a team of highly qualified and experienced developers from Voronezh (Russia). We offer not only the software development, but also a solution of your business issues. Our Team: We provide training for our developers and transfer our experience to them. For that reason, namely, the developers from our company achieve great success in programming. We select only those developers who have an excellent knowledge from mathematical school and give them further experience and development. We are always focused on the result and on solving your current tasks and issues. Currently, our team includes 14 ready-made professionals and several dozen specialists who pass training course now, and only some of them will be qualified to be a part of our team. Communication: We know that effective communication during the project is one of the most important factors of success in the IT world. That is why, we create the communication process in such a way to minimize the number of problems during the project. For communication, we often use modern systems such as: For management: Jira, YouTrack, Trello, etc. For chats and calls: Slack, Skype, Hangout, Telegram, Upwork For time tracking: TimeDoctor, Upwork tracker

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We have been working for more than 7 years in the market of mobile and web applications development. Most of our developers have a Master+ degree of the computer science. Participants of the Voronezh IT Cluster are also available in our team (a top 3 of the IT University of Russia; in-depth study of the computer science and programming; we participate in scientific projects as well). Our developers also support several well-known open source projects including the react library. We participated in major European and American projects. Technologies We Work with: Javascript, react.js, react native, redux, node.js, koa, express, postgresql, oracle, mysql, mongodb, docker, heroku and aws.

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