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Ariol Media is a top rated Web & Mobile Application Development Company based in Belarus. Founded in 2010, The Company ranked in the top ten for web development in 2018, we???ve developed over 100 successful projects for clients and companies of all sizes.

> 1st place winner the best landing-page development contest Belarus 2017

>??3rd place in Creativity Rating 2017

>??One of the top ten companies in SEO field in Belarus 2016

>??2nd place in the “Landing” competition of sites in 2015.

>??2nd place in the “Portal” competition of sites in 2015.

Services Provided by Ariol Media:

Web Development:?? Laravel, Lumen, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Phalcon, Elasticsearch.

HTML coding: Vue.js, jQuery, ES2015, Handlebars.js, HTML5, Less, Sass, Webpack. Webpack

Mobile: Framework7, React Native, PhoneGap

Key Clients :??Green, Wargaming,??,??Hunkem??ller, 1K.BY,??UNFPA

Company Information

$35 /hr.11-50Founded: 2010 +375 33 335 5311 https://ariol.byBelarus
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