TimeCamp (Paid)

It provides creating graphical timesheet, automation, computer time dashboard, integrations and add-ons, invoicing among the basic features. More advanced one come in form of – Time Entry Notes, Time Entry Time-to-Time, Graphical Timesheets, Computer Activities Assigned to Time Entries, Automatic Time Tracking with Rules & Keywords, Away Time Detection, Timer, Five Types of Reports, Exporting, Filtering, Sharing, Unlimited Hierarchy, Roles and Permissions, Billing Rates per Employee, Billing Rates per Task, Billing Rates per Project, Online Payments, Tracking Open, Invoice Based on Project Hours, Quotes, Custom Taxes, Multi-Currency Support, Budgeting, To-dos, Email Reminders, Integrations, Task Synchronization, People Synchronization, Tracking Time Directly in Software, Invoicing Synchronization, Desktop & Mobile App, Offline Access, Active Directory Integration, API and Customer Support.

Apr 18 2024