Dunice LLC

Complete IT Solutions

Dunice LLC has more than 6 years of market experience and over 250 successfully completed projects. They help Clients to increase the influx of customers and their profits by developing web&mobile applications, websites and web services.??Dunice services are aimed to improve your??business. They have experience in creating applications for banks, social networks, medical sector, restaurants, booking systems, remote training systems, event organizations, etc. Improving the experience of user interaction with the product, Dunice solves business problems. Their??team will make your product not only convenient for users but also functional and stylish.

Services Provided by Dunice LLC:

Web development, Mobile development, UI/UX design, QA testing

Key Clients: Edcast, Upside,??Brains Intelligent Design & Writing Pty Ltd, Krugerpark, Webunch, Languagegarden, EFL, Pressfeed, SkillMil, and more.

Company Information

$25-$35/hr.51 - 100Founded: 2012 +7(8634) 340-636 http://dunice.netRussia
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