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Diceus is a software engineering company. We offer mainly enterprise solutions development and other IT related services for S&M businesses and large corporations.??Our mission is to create up-to-date solutions and custom software to improve any business processes. We combine our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model to offer progressive end-to-end enterprise solutions.

At Diceus, we create a challenging environment where both our customers and employees feel comfortable working and cooperating with us. Every single member of our team is a part of geeks community that contributes to a mutual mission.

Services Provided by Diceus:

Enterprise IT solutions development, Software product development, Mobile app development, Training and consulting, Re-engineering and migration, Maintenance and tech support, Project Management

Key Clients:??

Teambase, InsuBiz, Palmers, NextCom,??BriteCore, SmartValor and many more

Company Information

$25-$49/hr.101 - 250Founded: 2011 +38 063 750 33 95 https://diceus.comUkraine, Lithuania, UAE
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